Steps to Apply for SSD in Austin

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If you have developed a severe physical or mental disability and are unable to work because of it, you may be eligible to receive Social Security Disability benefits. You need to understand the application process and seek a Texas Social Security Disability lawyer who knows the process well. The federal rules for determining disability are strict, and an SSD lawyer can improve your chances of having your application approved.

The Bob Richardson Law Firm assists people at every stage in the application process, from the initial filing for Social Security Disability benefits through the appeals process. We can help you cut through the red tape and obtain the benefits you’re due.

The Texas SSD attorneys at The Bob Richardson Law Firm have successfully helped many people obtain full disability benefits from the Social Security Administration, including those whose claims were initially turned down.

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Initial Application for Social Security Disability Benefits

Texans with severe physical and/or mental disabilities who are unable to work may apply for Social Security Disability at their local Social Security field office or online. To submit a complete application, you’ll need to fill out several forms and gather a number of documents including:

  • Dates of marriages and divorces
  • Names and birthdates of children and your spouse
  • Military service discharge (Form DD 214)
  • Checking or saving account number and bank routing number for direct deposit of checks
  • Medical records, including dates of treatment for all doctors, hospitals and clinics and patient ID numbers
  • Names and dates of medical tests you have had and referring physician
  • Medicines you take and doctor who prescribed them
  • List of jobs you had in the 15 years before you were unable to work

The forms you’ll need to complete include:

The Social Security Administration field office reviews the application to make sure it is complete. It is forwarded to the Division of Disability Determination Services for evaluation.

Disability Determination for SSD Benefits

Examiners with the Division for Disability Determination Services decide whether the applicant is disabled according to federal criteria. Disability specialists may ask your doctors for information about your disability, such as when it began, what treatment you’ve received and how your condition limits your ability to do work-related activities such as walking, carrying and remembering instructions.

After reaching a recommendation, the examiner returns the case file to the Social Security Administration field office for appropriate action. If you have a qualifying disability, the SSA computes your benefits and starts paying them to you. If you disagree with the decision on the initial applications, you can go through the SSD appeals process.

Applying for disability can be frustrating and confusing, particularly if you are unfamiliar with the federal rules or keep discovering there is yet another form to complete or more documents to gather. The average processing time for an initial application is about 85 days in Texas.

An SSD lawyer at The Bob Richardson Law Firm can help you gather documents you need, fill out all the necessary forms and respond to questions from disability examiners. Our knowledgeable lawyers work with the SSD claims process every day. We can take the uncertainty out of submitting an SSD application so you starting receiving disability benefits sooner.

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Can I have a lawyer represent me in applying for Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income? The Bob Richardson Law Firm, founded in 1990 by then-Texas State Representative Bob Richardson, now retired, has helped thousands of applicants for Social Security Disability obtain the maximum benefits they deserve. Our attorneys assist claimants from the initial application for disability benefits through review by an administrative law judge and the appeals process.

Our attorneys who represent Social Security Disability claimants focus exclusively on Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income cases. They are members of the National Organization of Social Security Disability Claimants’ Representatives (NOSSCR) and the Fifth Circuit Organization of Social Security Claimants Representatives (FOSSCR). We do not charge hourly fees up front. The Bob Richardson Law Firm represents claimants on a contingent fee basis. We get paid if we obtain for you SSDI benefits.

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