Common Mistakes in the SSD Application Process

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Applying for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits can be a daunting process. The application process can be lengthy and complex and there are strict rules for determining benefits and the extent of one’s disability.

A Texas Social Security Disability lawyer can guide you through the process, improve the chances of having your claim approved and help you avoid some common mistakes people make when applying for SSDI.

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Avoid These Mistakes When Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits

  • Giving up – The application process for SSD benefits is lengthy and can be very frustrating. Federal regulations are complex and many initial claims are denied, making an appeal necessary in the majority of cases. The good news is that many applicants who reach the hearing level in the appeals process are awarded benefits. But almost 750,000 people are waiting for hearings before an administrative law judge. It’s also important not to give up because an SSDI award is important for securing other benefits, such as Medicare. A qualified Social Security Disability attorney can help you through the process and help you make the best possible case.
  • Not providing enough information – It is absolutely vital to get educated about the application and appeals process and know what you need to support your claim for benefits. You will need to provide details and documentation related to your work history, medical conditions and physical limitations. A Social Security Disability benefits attorney will make sure you have all your documentation in order, including gathering all medical records.
  • Not appealing an unfavorable decision or missing the appeals deadline – More than 60 percent of initial SSDI applications are denied, but many people go on to receive benefits after the appeals process, which has several levels. You have only 60 days to appeal to the next level after a denial at any stage. Missing the deadline means you might have to start again from the beginning. Even if you started the application process on your own, you can still seek representation from a qualified Social Security Disability attorney at any point to help you prepare your appeal.
  • Underestimating or exaggerating the extent of your disability – Pride can lead people to underestimate the impact of their disability on their lives. You might also simply forget about the changes you have made to cope with your disability on a day-to-day basis. It is also important that you not exaggerate your disability and that medical records support your claim.
  • Being vague about work history – You must show clearly and accurately what the expectations are for the work you do and why you can no longer perform that work. You must also understand the Social Security Administration’s evaluation process for disability benefits.  The criteria include: not being gainfully employed; having a severe condition that interferes with working; having a condition that meets the Social Security Administration’s requirements and which will last for more than 12 months; inability to do the work you had before the impairment; and inability to perform any other kind of work.
  • Going through the Social Security Disability application process alone – People who apply for SSDI benefits without representation are more likely to have their claim denied. A qualified SSD attorney can explain the process to you and make sure you have all the documentation you need. You can get help from an experienced Social Security Disability benefits lawyer at any time in the process.

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Can I have a lawyer represent me in applying for Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income? The Social Security Disability lawyers at The Bob Richardson Law Firm, founded in 1990 by then-Texas State Representative Bob Richardson, now retired, have helped thousands of applicants obtain the maximum benefits they deserve. Our attorneys who represent Social Security Disability claimants focus exclusively on Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income cases. They are members of the National Organization of Social Security Disability Claimants’ Representatives (NOSSCR) and the Fifth Circuit Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives (FOSSCR). We do not charge hourly fees up front.

The Bob Richardson Law Firm represents claimants on a contingency fee basis. We get paid only if we obtain SSDI benefits for you. If you want to submit a successful Social Security Disability claim the first time or overturn a rejected claim, turn to SSDI attorneys who count their legal experience in decades.

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