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Many Texas car accident victims suffer back injuries. While workplace injuries are the leading cause of back injuries, motor vehicle accidents are the second most common cause, accounting for approximately 40 percent of all back injuries each year in the United States.

Because of the complexity of the human back and the various components found in the back, a car accident can cause or aggravate a wide variety of back injuries. The most common types of back injuries include:

  • Sprains and strains – The impact of a car accident may cause tension and flexion that go far beyond what the muscles, ligaments, tendons and other soft tissues can handle, resulting in back sprains or strains. Strains occur when someone stretches or tears a muscle or ligament, while a sprain occurs when a tendon is pulled beyond its capacity.
  • Compression fractures – A compression fracture occurs when a bone in the spine is cracked or chipped as a result of a car crash. This type of injury is more common in older victims. One of the biggest concerns with this type of injury is that a small bone fragment could migrate and cause a tear in a nearby disc or a tear in the spinal cord itself.
  • Disc herniation – Between the vertebrae of the spine are discs that help cushion the bones and provide for increased flexion in the back. Each disc has a hard shell and a spongy, liquid interior. An injury to a disc can cause the outer shell to crack, causing the spongy interior to bulge or leak out. That, in turn, can result in the disc pushing on nearby nerves, causing severe pain for the victim.
  • ParalysisParalysis may result when the spinal cord itself is injured. Injury to the lower portion of the spinal cord may result in paralysis in the lower half of the body (paraplegia). Injury to the portion of the spinal cord found in the upper back is more likely to cause paralysis to both the arms and legs (quadriplegia or tetraplegia).

Treatment for Back Injuries

The methods used to treat a back injury depend on the type and severity of the injury. A back strain or sprain can be expected to heal completely within several months using conservative treatment, such as chiropractic manipulation and message, anti-inflammatory medications and muscle relaxants.

Disc injuries are more complicated to treat. Typically, chiropractic care and many of the same medications used for a strain or sprain may be tried with the addition of at-home traction, physical therapy and epidural injections aimed at reducing the bulge. If these efforts are unsuccessful, disc-replacement surgery may be recommended. A victim of a disc injury may continue to live with complications and pain from nerve damage for life.

Surgery is also frequently necessary for victims of compression fractures. If the bone fragment is in a dangerous place, the best option may be to surgically remove it.

Despite monumental advancements in medicine over the last several decades, a cure for injuries to the spinal cord itself has yet to be discovered. There is no way to cure paralysis once it has occurred. Treatment of a paralysis injury is chiefly aimed at improving the quality of life for the victim.

Compensation for Back Injuries in Texas Car Accidents

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