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Austin Car Accident LawyersTexas has some of the heaviest traffic in the nation. It also has one of the worst records for traffic accidents. Texas Department of Transportation statistics show there is not a single deathless day on Texas roads in the course of the year. At The Bob Richardson Law Firm, our Texas car accident lawyers understand the physical pain, emotional suffering and financial difficulties caused by an auto accident. We’re here to help.

For more than 30 years, we have helped car accident victims in Austin, Waco and the surrounding Texas communities of Round Rock, Georgetown, Killeen, Temple, Cedar Park, Lakeway, Taylor and Belton. We hold careless drivers – and their insurance companies – accountable.

If you or a loved one has been in a car crash caused by another driver, our Texas car accident attorneys can help you recover the compensation you deserve. To learn more, call us toll free at (800) 880-5100 or use our online form. We can provide a free case evaluation and answer your questions. We won’t charge for our services unless we recover for you.

Common Types of Texas Car Accidents

Few car accidents are blameless. Usually, someone is at fault. Common types of Texas car accidents include:

  • Aggressive driving: Speeding, making dangerous passes and roaring through red lights cuts trips short. It also creates the risk of cutting lives short in an intersection crash or head-on collision.
  • Drunk driving: Heavier law enforcement and public awareness campaigns have reduced Texas DWI / DUI accidents. But alcohol-impaired driving remains a serious public safety problem. For many years, more people have died in drunk-driving wrecks in Texas than anywhere else in the country.
  • Distracted driving: Types of distracted driving include talking on a cell phone, texting, eating, drinking, talking with passengers or using a GPS device. Distracted driving is particularly dangerous when the driver approaches an intersection or goes through a work zone.
  • Drowsy driving: Instead of taking a break, too many drivers stay on the road when they are tired or falling asleep at the wheel. Drowsy drivers can cause fatal car accidents and fatigue-related crashes that send people to the hospital with serious injuries.
  • Teen driving: Teen drivers lack experience and can fail to see the consequences of dangerous driving habits. They often speed or talk on a cell phone behind the wheel. As a result, teen drivers have a high accident rate and endanger others.
  • Vehicle defects: Even when a driver operates their vehicle safely, a car crash may be caused by defective brakes, gears, sudden acceleration or a rollover.

Help For Texas Car Accident Victims

At The Bob Richardson Law Firm, we have helped Texas car accident victims with injuries ranging from minor cuts, scrapes and bruises to more severe, catastrophic injuries. We investigate cases, use technology and consult with highly qualified medical, engineering and accident reconstruction experts. As a result, we have obtained many favorable verdicts and settlements on behalf of our clients.

You may be able to recover compensation if you have suffered any of these damages and are able to prove them:

  • Medical expenses;
  • Impairment;
  • Disfigurement;
  • Lost past and future income;
  • Pain and suffering; and
  • Punitive damages.

If your loved one suffered a wrongful death in the vehicle accident, your family may be entitled to compensation for the loss of your family member’s care and companionship, funeral expenses and the mental anguish you have suffered.

We know aggressive insurance companies will try to get an accident victim to make a statement or agree to a quick, low-value settlement. Before you talk to them, talk to an experienced Texas auto accident lawyer who will protect your rights.

Contact Our Texas Car Accident Attorneys Today

Texas has a two-year statute of limitations for personal injury and wrongful death cases. Depending on the parties involved in your car accident, the deadline for taking action may arrive even sooner.

If you need legal assistance with your vehicle accident case, contact The Bob Richardson Law Firm today by calling us toll-free at 800-880-5100 or using our online contact form. We can provide you with a free case evaluation.

Our Texas car accident attorneys serve injury victims throughout Austin, Waco, Round Rock, Georgetown, Killeen, Temple, Cedar Park, Lakeway, Taylor , Belton and surrounding communities.

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