Car Safety Quiz

How well do you know your car safety rules?  Take this quiz to find out.

1. Why should you slow down and pay attention to the speed limit when driving?

  • You’ll have more time to react in an emergency
  • You’ll reduce the risk of skidding or running off the road
  • You’ll put less wear and tear on your car
  • All of the above

2. Which of these factors makes it tougher for teens to stay safe on the road?

  • Teen drivers have less driving experience than older drivers
  • Seat belts are not designed to fit the average teenager
  • Newer cars lack the stability and safety of older models
  • Cell phone laws prevent teens from calling for help in an emergency

3. When should you use your vehicle’s hazard lights?

  • When you are in a rush and need other traffic to get out of your way
  • To alert other drivers after you’ve pulled a broken-down vehicle off the roadway
  • When your vehicle does not have fog lights
  • To let your friends know where you are parked

4. When is it safe NOT to wear your seat belt?

  • When traveling only a short distance
  • When driving only on roads you take every day
  • When driving in a parking lot or driveway
  • Trick question – if the vehicle is moving, you should wear your seat belt!

5. Your vehicle’s “check engine” light just turned on. What should you do?

  • While continuing to drive, read the owner’s manual to figure out what it means
  • Keep driving and call your parents
  • Stop in a safe place in order to prevent damage to the engine
  • Ignore it – it’s just a suggestion

6. Which age group has the highest rate of motor vehicle crash deaths nationwide?

  • 15-19 year olds
  • 20-25 year olds
  • 40-50 year olds
  • 50-65 year olds

7. Texting behind the wheel is dangerous because:

  • It requires you to take at least one hand off the wheel
  • It makes it more likely that you’ll look away from the road to read or type
  • It distracts your brain from paying attention to traffic and road signs
  • All of the above

8. When is it safe to use your cell phone in the driver’s seat?

  • At night, when there are fewer people on the roads
  • When a friend won’t stop calling or texting you until you answer
  • After the vehicle is parked
  • Anytime, as long as you are only making a phone call

9. To make sure you can see clearly in rain or snow, you should:

  • Drive fast to blow the rain or snow off the windshield
  • Clear your windshield by hand if it begins to rain
  • Keep your windshield washer fluid tank full and clean the spray nozzles regularly
  • Roll down your window and stick your head out so you can see

10. Why should you always try to keep your gas tank at least one-quarter full?

  • Most vehicles stop running if the tank is not at least one-quarter full
  • Running on fumes can cause the internal fuel pump to break
  • A full gas tank provides weight and traction on slippery roads
  • Cars get their best gas mileage when the tank is full


Answers: 1. D   2. A   3. B   4. D   5. C   6. A   7. D   8. C   9. C   10. B